Two-Phase Orthodontics

When children exhibit malocclusion (tooth and/or jaw misalignment) early in life, the future of their oral health can depend on early orthodontic treatment. Often referred to as two-phase orthodontics, the treatment combines the benefits of straightening crooked teeth and correcting jaw and facial structures. After comprehensive examination, including digital X-rays and imaging, Dr. Davies may recommend two-phase orthodontics to help your child avoid the need for more extensive correction later in life.

Phase One

The first phase of two-phase orthodontics focuses on helping children maintain proper growth and development of their teeth, jawbones, and dental ridges. Early orthodontic correction helps ensure that children don’t suffer from crowding or spacing issues that could interfere with the development of their primary teeth, or the growth and eruption of their permanent teeth. Successful early orthodontics can help them avoid the need for more extensive orthodontic correction, dental restoration, tooth extraction, and possibly oral surgery due to subsequent complications.

Phase Two

Once all of your child’s permanent teeth have erupted, Dr. Davies can initiate the second phase of orthodontic treatment. This phase includes traditional metal braces to ensure that every tooth is properly aligned and in its proper place as the jaw continues to develop. Phase two typically lasts 18-24 months, and your child will have to wear a retainer for a while afterwards to ensure the treatment’s success.

Ask Dr. Davies About Two-Phase Orthodontics

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